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Supernatural Sightings

                                  During Our Historic Walking Tours

Enjoy a slice of history when you embark on the fun-filled ghost tours offered

by Ghost Tours of Catalina ™. Our visitors report so many ghost sightings on

a regular basis, we have a hard time keeping track of them all. If you would like

to report a ghost sighting in the Avalon community, simply contact us to share your story.

Ghost Hunters at the Casino
Recently, ghost hunters combed the Casino to investigate the paranormal activity taking place in this historic locale. Numerous photographs showed spirit orbs while audio recordings detected faint voices in areas completely devoid of human activity. An on-site séance was held, but it was not carried through to the end because the participants simply felt too uneasy by the strange presence around them.

Zane Gray Sighting
A local Avalon citizen recently encountered the spirit that is believed to be the ghost of Zane Gray, a local Catalina Island legend. The apparition was seen on the Via Casino walkway leading against the walkway and smoking a cigarette. When the local walked up to the apparition, it vanished into thin air, leaving behind only the distinct scent of cigarette smoke.
Swirling Ghost
A jogger recently reported seeing a swirling vortex or fog

or mist near the junction leading to the interior gate. The

vortex appeared out of thin air, crossed the road, and

then vanished without a trace.

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