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A Brief Overview

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Sign up for the tour of a lifetime when you get in touch with The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina ™, the island's premier source for exhilarating ghostly excursions. During these paranormal journeys, you should always expect the unexpected; paranormal activity and unexplained events are quite frequent and new reports are pouring in every night. To arrange your next exciting ghost tour, simply contact us at your earliest convenience to pick a date.


The Skeleton Room, Paranormal Tours in Avalon, CA


Remaining in Touch with Our Tour Center
We conduct tours nightly. but this schedule is not set in stone by any means. The tour will carry on even if it's raining, but if the weather becomes too rough, the tour may be delayed or cancelled. We encourage you to stay in touch with our office to remain abreast of the latest happenings and verify your tour times beforehand. Please bring a fully charged digital camera as they are more senstive to the infrared spectrum for capturing paranormal activity.

Beginning the Tour
The tour begins near the famous Casino. To reach it, take the pedestrian walkway that runs along the water from town all the way up to the front of the Casino. When you are about 100 feet away from the Casino, the walkway will end and you will see a paved access road in front of you. Don't cross the access road; the tour will begin right at the end of the walkway. If you cross the access road, you have gone too far and will need to backtrack a bit to find us. Look for your Ghost Guide with a lantern and usually a large group of people gathered wearing glow-in-the-dark glow necklaces; this is to keep a buffer between you and the paranormal for a hauntedly good evening. We will not be going inside any buildings since all are private but we assure you, you wouldn't want to go in there anyway.


Across the Putt Putt Golf Course, Paranormal Tours in Avalon, CA


Tips for Touring
Arrive about 10 to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled tour time just to make sure you reach us in time. If you are late to the tour, we may have no choice but to start without you. If you plan on paying in cash, please make sure you bring the exact amount since our tour guides do not carry change. Be sure to dress warmly (since the harbor tends to get cooler at night) and wear comfortable shoes. If you require special accommodations (wheelchairs, strollers, crutches, etc.), please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. We want to stress that this is a tour for all ages, so please refrain from arriving after you or your party may have enjoyed an excess of libations from one of the island's fantastic bars. Refunds will not be granted and you will be requested to leave the tour or be haunted the rest of your existance. To ensure everyone has a hauntingly good time, we unfortunatey to not take reservations for anyone under 18 on their own; they need to be accompanied by someone 18 or over. That goes for anyone over 18 that acts like they are under 18 too!

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